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Combining Spirituality and Fitness to help people look and feel their best.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a degree in dietetics, Alec sought to accomplish his goal of becoming a celebrity trainer in Los Angeles, California. In 2010, he met fitness expert Eric The Trainer who showed him the ins-and-outs of training Hollywood's top celebrities. Penix’ first book Seven Sundays (Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster) was released December 4, 2018. The book is a devotional that takes you on a journey of both spiritual and physical fulfillment.

The Michigan native has nearly a decade of experience in the fitness arena and has worked with Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas, Singer/Songwriter Natasha Beddingfield, Actor/Singer Aaron Tveit, dancers Derek and Julianne Hough to name just a few. He has worked on International Concert Tours, Musical productions, and on set for both television and film to help prepare his clients to look, feel and perform their best. His roster is star-studded with actors, models, musicians, professional athletes, Olympians, dancers, CEOs, film and television executives. As a celebrity trainer, he overcomes a variety of challenges to achieve complex fitness goals and ensure his clients are ready to go on stage or on camera.

Because of his vast knowledge of physical training, Alec is in high demand by all those who wish to undergo a physical transformation. Alec serves clients with every body type, wildly differing lifestyles, and of all ages. He's trained hometown heroes at the Sheriff's Department and taken on entire companies as corporate clients. Alec advocates an active lifestyle and competes in charity football games (such as the Celebrity Sweat Flag Football Challenge, which benefits the troops). His numerous television appearances include The Insider, Home & Family, Celebrity page and the publications People, Wingman Magazine, Miami Living and Muscle & Fitness.

In all his endeavors, Alec seeks to help people not only look their best but also feel their best by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Alec believes that spiritual development is a critical element of the physical transformation process because spirituality, as defined by each individual’s personal beliefs, aids in overcoming internal roadblocks. He approaches training by focusing on the interior first and addressing clients’ individual spiritual needs to aid them in transforming their bodies and achieving a healthier lives.










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